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Telemedicine is a video conference in which the doctor can virtually meet with
you and assesses symptoms, makes a diagnosis, and sends prescriptions
electronically to your pharmacy.

Objective of the medical teleconference:
  • Initial medical assessment

  • diagnosis and treatment

  • Detailed history download

  • writing diagnostic referrals and administering medications.

  • Start a treatment protocol in collaboration with the local doctor or independently

  • Reassess the course of treatment at regular intervals.

Technological Means:

Phone, tablet or computer


ZOOM, SKYPE, Google Meet


The Doctor will send you the invitation link.

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    By clicking this consent, I authorize Dr. Moissidis to use any relevant medical information pertaining to my or my child’s health, during this teleconference. I further understand and consent to being interviewed and released personal medical data regarding the diagnosis and treatment of my medical condition.