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To perform any function you can click on the top right icon amea 

1. Increase and decrease the font size

To increase the font size in the texts of the site, use the A+
To decrease the font size of the texts of the site, use the A-

2. Change the theme via CSS

By changing the theme, page widgets are removed, and remains the site with the simplified form of information.

To change the theme, so the color of your choice is used, press «Choose Color»

You can also remove all the formatting of the page by clicking«Remove Styles – On / Off» and view all the hyperlinks underlined by clicking «Underline links – On / Off».

3. Simplified access to pages

Below is the structure of the page, and the key button inside the brackets, which leads you directly to the corresponding hyperlink with the use of Shift or Alt (depending of the browser) key hold down and the key button of your choice. This feature allows you to browse the page, only using the keyboard by following the specifications for shortcut keys depending on the browser you use and which can be found in detail on the following link:

There is also the possibility for immediate return to the top of the page with the key (t) and the direct transition to the text of the article with the key (m).